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Round table interview w/ the cast and the creative team of the upcoming web series CHOP SHOP on Machinima Prime

So our “oh fearless leader” here at Lost Anarchy magazine asked me to do an article to explain to you guys the difference between Deathrock, horrorpunk, & gothabilly ( psychobilly) . Which I thought was a great idea. Some of you may not even know what any of these are, some of you may think you know & don’t really know, If I miss anything, please feel free to message me! 

SO for one: all 3 are rooted in punk. All 3 started out from the 70’s. Let’s start with: Gothabilly aka Psychobilly. : This started out in the 70’s with legendary bands like The Cramps , the influences are a blend of surf rock, 50’s rockabilly, punk rock , Old Country like Johnny Cash, Hot Rods, horror movies & shows like the Addams family & The Munsters, & Betty Page. You can even give credit of it’s birth to the Misfits as well with songs like “American Nightmare”. Lots of Gothabilly/Psychobilly bands use the stand up bass, the only difference between Psychobilly & Gothabilly is while psychobilly is more aggressive, gothabilly adds aspects of the romantic and paranormal. The fashion is usually 50’s style rockabilly wear with a punk/goth twist. Lots of tattoos, Betty page bangs & pompadours so perfect you could set your watch to them! Deathrock: Technically, the term “death rock” was used in the 1950’s , ” the horror themed novelty rock and roll acts of the late 1950s and early 1960s such as Bobby “Boris” Pickett and Zacherle with “Monster Mash”;Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with “I Put a Spell on You”; and Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages with “Murder in the Graveyard”. These songs used sound effects to create a creepy atmosphere, dealt with taboo subjects (such as cannibalism) in a humorous, often campy manner, and are still occasionally played at deathrock clubs. “

In the late 70’s from punk rock, emerged the Deathrock we are familiar with, Punk rocks, darker little brother if you will, with such bands as Christian Death, 45 Grave, TSOL, Superheroines, Komunity FK, . In the early 80’s in London, “The Batcave” was born which brought about bands like Alien Sex fiend, Sex gang Children & Specimen. By the mid 80’s Danzig, after leaving The Misfits formed Samhain, (which also influenced the horrorpunk movement, but more on that in a few…). By the late 80’s the term “gothic rock” was preferred over Deathrock, soon “goth” incorporated other facets of music such as industrial & EBM. The term “deathrock” was hardly used through most of the 90’s up until that around 1998-2000. Clubs like “release the bats emerged, drop dead festival & Bar sinister were born. & through the internet, & internet radio, more people continue to bring deathrock back to the fore front of underground rock & roll such as,, Deathrock PA., The Mortuary, Dance with the dead radio & so many more.
& finally we come to…

Horrorpunk: You could say Horrorpunk is Punk Rocks creepy little brother. Horrorpunk is fueled by Horror & sci fi movies, punk rock, 50’s style do wop, rockabilly (which led to psychobilly), it also sometimes overlaps in to the deathrock sound, but deathrock mostly falls more toward a gothic sound, where horropunk is more aggressive. The genre creation can be traced back to The Misfits back in the mid 1970’s, with songs about Vampires, werewolves, monsters, aliens dark evil creatures of the night & occasional real life horror, such as the song “bullet” which was about the Kennedy Assassination & “who killed Marylyn” about the death of Marylin Monroe & murder. Since then it’s brought us more horrorpunk bands from around the world such as: Calabrese, Nim Vind, cancerslug, Blitzkid, The Deep Eynde , Son of sam, Others, Zombina & the skeletones, The Independents, DieMonsterDie, Michael Graves , Japanese legends BALZAC, & so many more. Horror punk fashion is similar to punk rock & deathrock fashion, black leather jackets with spikes & adorning the Misfits crimson ghost logo like a badge of honor. 

Many sites are bringing Horrorpunk to the forefront, like, Dr. Cyclops Records, ,, & more.

So all 3 genres I was asked to explain here are similar, yet completely different. All dark & evil fun. If I’ve missed anything or was mistaken on something, please by all means feel free to message me & correct me, leave comments on facebook, etc. I never claimed to be an expert, I just enjoy dark music & the lifestyle. Now pull up one of these internet radio stations I mentioned & check out some ghoulishly new music!!

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